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LGBTQIA Family Building Platform 

PROJECT Provide customized on-demand advice for LGBTQ++ people starting a family.

ROLE Co-Founder, Product Development & Design; Content Development & Design

GOAL Design affordable, accessible family & fertility services tailored to individuals. Taking the stress out of building a family.

BUSINESS STRATEGY LGBTQIA individuals building a family spend between $25-150k+ per child regardless of income and at least 20% of that is spent seeking advice from experts. June is the first on demand advice service designed exclusively for the 6.1 Million LGBTQI+ people who want to build a family in the US today, but don't know where to start.  


PROJECT Alchemy Student Job Portal 

Student Job Portal

PRODUCT DESIGN & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Redesign the product to enhance student-employer job matching by improving student engagement through the job search process as they transition into the professional job market. User research led to new workflows, information architecture and a new visual identity to develop a deep-matching model of students-to-jobs aligned with their field of study, interests and skill sets.

GOAL To design a business strategy & brand realignment for better positioning with student job-seekers.

ROLE Product Development & Design, Brand Positioning, Content Development & Design 

Employee OnBoarding Tool

PROJECT An Onboarding Bot & Personal Pathfinder


GOAL Design an onboarding tool for new employees that enhances psychological safety and an increased sense of belongingness

ROLE Product Development, Content Development, Lead Copywriter

EXPERIENCE DESIGN Design & develop an onboarding app for new employees that integrates traditional onboarding tools with the experience aspects of onboarding in a new role. I designed and communicated product benefits along the user journey conveying what makes the product different and why it matters. Messaging for the app, the kickstarter video and the website had to align across channels.

Home-cooked meal delivery 

PROJECT Provide home cooked meals by home chefs for a heaLthier alternative to restaurant food.


ROLE Brand Strategy, Content Development, Lead Copywriter

GOAL Develop a brand and marketing strategy for FoodUMiss

BRAND & MARKETING STRATEGY Develop a brand statement, and marketing strategy for go-to-market, including service design content for customers who want home cooked meals & home chefs who are looking for a platform chef sign-ups.

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