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Cosine Collective worked in conjunction with the Oakland YMCA board to investigate ongoing issues in the women's locker rooms around gender and privacy. Our aim was to uncover design opportunities for better inclusivity.


Context mapping, auditing member comment cards and causal layered analysis (CLA) allowed us to go beyond headlines and examine underlying cultural beliefs. A detailed timeline of trans and non-binary people, milestones and social movements, lifecycle mapping and scenario matrix's are frameworks that offer alternative ways to analyze the past and present context of trans rights.


Locker Room Project

Futures Project
The Future of Big Data & Data Privacy

There's no escaping opt-in agreements

and, unless you ditch your cell phone, turn off streaming and submerge your Echo Dot, there's no such thing as data privacy. The money's in the data. 

In thinking about this, we asked ourselves, what is the ethical future of big data?


If elections can be swayed, then how else might data be used? Could it also be used to solve socio economic problems such as world hunger? Could it improve nutrition, health, or homelessness?

And if so, which companies might have a vested interest in using data for social change? Most of all, what would the opt-in look like, and what might the trade-off be?

Our imagined future looked like an intentional community, where home, work, school food, health and wellness is all encompassed in the style of a modern day Kibbutz, only with one small trade off....
*Disclaimer: No large biogenetic agricultural companies were harmed in the imagining of this future.

With the sponsorship of Culture Bank, Zoo Labs commissioned this project to develop a concrete pipeline strategy, context canvas & roadmap for artist enterprises with a goal towards keeping a strong and healthy local community in West Oakland to retain its cultural wealth against the backdrop of rapid development.


Research, roadmapping and foresight methodologies were key in providing the client with necessary social and socio-economic context for moving forward with community goals.

Timeline Prototype

West Oakland Futures Project

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