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CPR is a mission-driven health care nonprofit. Their whose goal is to increase value of care by leveraging large employers to put pressure on health care companies for better quality & cost of care.

My role was to coordinate across projects with Fortune 500 clients which included research & content creation for white papers, e-learning coursework, blog posts & social media. I assisted in a full rebrand & website redesign, managing the marketing calendar & marketing KPI’s.


We announced the release of white papers and tools kits via Twitter. As such, it was my job to distill extremely complex ideas into understandable sound bites.

FoodUMiss is a food delivery service for customers who want home cooked meals & home chefs who are looking for a platform.


I developed a brand statement and marketing strategy for go-to-market, including service design content for customers who want home cooked meals & home chefs who are looking for a platform. 

It’s estimated that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be milleniell, which means that communication channels are shifting. Recruiters & job seekers are using social media platforms such as Instagram to source roles with positive outcomes (Zogby Analytics).


With this in mind, our business model aimed to make Alchemy’s platform the primary social currency for student job seekers, which meant reimagining Alchemy's brand & logo design to appeal to a more youthful job market. 

My role on this project was to design & develop an onboarding app for new employees, integrating traditional onboarding tools with the experience aspects of onboarding

in a new role.


With UX as the guiding principle of this product, service design had to integrate seamlessly along the user journey conveying reliability and psychological safety for the user. We also had to consider

ways in which HR departments would benefit from this product beyond other HR onboarding platforms in the market. 


All messaging--including the app, the kickstarter video and the website had to align across channels.

As a content creator for @lesbiancontent4u my goal is to make sure the content is varied & the language is casual but fresh. I pay attention to cultural & historical contexts, diversity & the current political climate.


The content needs to have an irreverent POV but still be inclusive.

I ensure that posts reference each other and link to original articles. 

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June is is the first on demand advice service designed exclusively for the 6.1 Million LGBTQI+ people who want to build a family in the US today, but don't know where to start.


June is a subscription-based model designed to customize a family-building plan catering to individual needs. 


The visual design had to convey wellness and family planning health without being clinical. 

In designing our brand and messaging we wanted to reach our target demographic without pandering. LGBTQ++ folk are sensitive to rainbow washing. In short, we wanted to speak the way we want to be spoken to---with humor and a touch of irreverence. 

Who said Queer baby-making can't be fun and funny?

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